Workshop Descriptions

Saturday, March 21 Workshops

8:30 am to 3:30 pm Full Day Workshop

Phylise Banner, Design Thinking for Our TechComm Careers

As the field of technical communication evolves, so do our roles. As writers, editors, designers, strategists, technologists, etc., we may find it challenging to evolve when our field is so widely defined. In this workshop, we will use Design Thinking strategies to explore our roles as technical communicators. We will consider our options as the landscape changes, and articulate ways we can grow and develop in our careers. Custom design canvases will be provided that can be adapted and remixed for individual and group use.

8:30 am to 11:30 am Morning Workshops

Tim Esposito, Mastering Your Website 101

Feeling intimidated about running your own website? Don’t know the difference between your HTTPs and your PHPs? Want to learn some tricks and tips for streamlining your web presence with social media? Then this is the workshop for you. We’ll go over the basics of creating and running a website using WordPress and cPanel, along with some additional tools designed to make your webmastering easier. You’ll have opportunities to practice. Bring your laptop.

Participants in this workshop need the following:

  • Google acccount
  • account
  • Twitter account (optional)
  • LinkedIn account (optional)

Judith Shenouda, Advance Your Career and Advance Your Life in 12 Easy Steps

Achieving success in one’s career and life takes thought, care, planning, and doing. This workshop gently walks participants through a process of getting from here (current state of work and life) to there (future state of work and life). Using a guided journaling approach, participants will have the space to focus on themselves, rediscover and own the skills they already have, identify new areas for growth, and exchange ideas with one another as they work through the process. You will need to bring a copy of Career Success in 12 Easy Steps: A Journal by Judith Ellison Shenouda to the workshop. For information, contact

12:30 pm to 3:30 pm Afternoon Workshops

Bernard Aschwanden, Plan, Develop, Deliver: Content Strategy Workshop

This is an interactive hands-on opportunity to participate in developing a content strategy. We start by defining some of the components that may be part of a content strategy. This is followed by hands-on exercises as an important part of the session! You help create an overall content strategy framework, develop goals, identify the information architecture, define a metadata and taxonomy, plan for reuse, analyze legacy content, and define governance.

Participants help develop the following components of a content strategy:

  • Content Strategy Framework; how an initial framework helps define an entire process.
  • Content Analysis; how to review materials for consistency and conversion.
  • Goals Framework; how goals help ensure success.
  • Information Architecture; how to think about content models.
  • Information Governance; how to ensure consistency across documents and departments.
  • Metadata and Taxonomy Strategy; how to optimize content for search (and, more importantly, to allow people to FIND).
  • Reuse Strategy; how to reduce time, effort, and costs in creating, reviewing, translating, and more.

After learning what a content strategy is, why it matters, and what components are required, we work to implement a plan using industry leading tools and technology.

Participants will:

  • Create content that aligns with the content strategy.
  • Work with web-based industry standard tools.
  • Create, edit, manage, and publish content from a Component Content Management System (CCMS) to formats including PDF and HTML5.

Tim Esposito, Mastering Your Website 201

You’ve created your domain, selected a hosting company, and installed WordPress. Your site is up and running, but is fairly straightforward and simple, and missing its 15 pieces of flair. Learn how to improve your site by integrating social media, mail lists, event calendars, and more. Go under the hood and tighten security, scan for viruses, have Google analyze your site visits, optimize for search engines, and FTP files to/from your web server. In this workshop, you’ll work towards mastering your website. Bring your laptop.

Participants in this workshop must be able to do the following before the workshop; these skills are covered in Mastering Your Website 101.

  • Start a webpage in WordPress.
  • Add plugins.
  • Create posts, pages, and menus.

Participants in this workshop need the following:

  • Google acccount
  • account
  • Twitter account (optional)
  • LinkedIn account (optional)

John Freiberger, Using Canva to “Design Anything!”

Do you need to design a poster or flyer for an event, or artwork for a social media channel, but don’t know how to use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop? Do you have a great idea, but not quite sure how to get it from your head to the computer? No problem!! Bring your laptop and some great ideas to my workshop, and soon you’ll be using Canva to “Design Anything!”


  • Learn how to use Canva, a free cloud-based design tool
  • Learn and apply good design principles and a design process
  • Create your own poster, flyer, infographic, social media art, etc.